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We must be aware of conflicts
There may be times when our personal interests conflict with those of Redrose or our customers. In these circumstances, we should take action to remove or manage the conflict so as to avoid detriment to Redrose or our customers.

We must not make unauthorised gains or payments
As a general rule, don’t accept or offer to give gifts, services, discounts gratuities or other gains from (or to) people who conduct business with Redrose. There are some exceptions-small gifts or invitations to local social or sporting functions are generally acceptable. The offering of bribes to anyone is prohibited outright. Breaking this principle could compromise all concerned and is illegal in many countries.

We must ensure everyone has an equal opportunity
Redrose has a commitment to equal opportunity for all its employees. Discrimination or harassment of any kind is completely inconsistent with our philosophy. This obviously makes sound business sense as well as being fair to all concerned. Maintaining our customers confidence in our professionalism and integrity is too important to be put at risk by inappropriate behaviour.

We must compete fairly
Redrose is committed to fair competition in all markets in which we operate. When competing for businesses do so vigorously but fairly. This means not intentionally misleading clients, business partners, competitors or the community; only using Redrose’s reputation for legitimate ways in refusing to associate in illegal marketing practices such as price fixing schemes or bid-rigging arrangements.

We must take into account any environment, health & safety impacts before making any business decision
We must ensure that our business decisions do not compromise our commitment to avoid any injury to people or damage to the environment and that we comply at all time with local laws.

We must not make unauthorised public statements

We must be familiar with our business policies and procedures that relate to our work.
We must be clear on our limits of authority and never exceed those limits by committing Redrose either verbally, in writing or by e-mail; or agree to restrict our business from competing in a market or from expanding into any new regions without the consent of the Directors.

We must not disclose confidential information.
In the course of our duties we may learn confidential information about Redrose, its customer and suppliers. Unless we have permission from the Directors we must not use or give out this information.

We must help each other
We work together and, within the bounds of commercial confidentiality, we should have an understanding of each other’s responsibilities and actions. You may become aware of behaviour, which seems to fail Redrose’s code of conduct. Everyone needs help and guidance from time to time, particularly when faced with such an issue. Turning to colleagues for assistance in solving difficult problems shows good judgement and common sense.

Don’t be afraid to ask, and never reluctant to help.

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